Your CRM Needs a Health Check Too

Your CRM Needs a Health Check Too

CRM health check

Written by Greg Bohlen, VP Global Consulting & Change Enablement at PolSource

As individuals, we’re regularly sold the virtues of periodic medical check-ups. The benefits are obvious:

CRM health check

  • Highlighting changes in your physical and mental condition and helping you to understand potential causes (e.g. a more stressful work or home environment)
  • Providing early warning systems to potential longer-term problems, enabling you to take remedial action to avoid the costly consequences 
  • Identifying symptoms of serious diseases, resulting in quicker diagnosis and a far more effective prognosis 
  • Helping you to better prepare for a change in environment or lifestyle (e.g. ensuring you are fit and able to partake in a new vocation or sporting activity) 

Strange then that we don’t often apply these principles to our business processes, despite there being obvious parallels in the benefits case. 

The last 12 months have witnessed unprecedented changes in business practices and the way we interact with our employees, suppliers and customers. The environment we find ourselves in has demanded a wholesale transformation in the way we interact – new digital experiences and expectations. Yet, whilst business has moved on, most of our CRM processes and systems haven’t. 

Put simply, the right health check and diagnostics will help you identify how you should evolve your CRM to meet and exceed your customer and worker expectations, reduce your overall cost of ownership and/or improve your ROI.

CRM health checkA quick scan via your favorite internet search engine will undoubtedly reveal a plethora of organizations and approaches you could deploy to assess your current state CRM. The problem is that the large majority are technical assessments that pinpoint concerns with code coverage, system set up and limits, security etc., and then focus on technical remediation rather than treating them as symptoms caused by broader business problems. They also often fail to capture any inefficiencies in process, such as manual steps, swivel chairs between systems or departmental silos.

Another way to understand the relative health of your CRM implementation, and its ability to keep pace with your business needs, is to look back at your investment case. Specifically you could revisit the metrics and business outcomes that were the foundation for justifying a CRM ROI. Here we uncover another set of issues: 

CRM health check

  1. This approach is predicated by the existence of an ROI case – in itself an issue as MIT Sloan found that an alarming number of institutions embark on their CRM journey without such an evaluation¹.  
  2. Even where an ROI case has been put together, most businesses don’t have accurate methods to assess the metrics².  
  3. There are inherent issues with most ROI measurement. Metrics such as deal win rates, revenue and margin improvements, customer share of wallet etc. are dependent variables with a large number of influencing factors (i.e. independent variables) that are impossible to control.  By themselves such output metrics tell us little about the health of your CRM.

CRM health checkWhat you need is a more practical approach. That’s why we at PolSource have invested in experience-focused diagnostic tools that are geared towards the capabilities and outcomes you are delivering for both your employees and workers. Our diagnostics cover the broad spectrum of CRM processes and enablement, ranging from Marketing, Sales, Quoting & Contracting, and Central/Field Service Operations. Each survey consists of 50+ carefully crafted questions, targeting your user base and management teams to understand their sentiment, and then baselining your capabilities against industry benchmarks. The results help to diagnose and align your teams on friction points and opportunities for improvement across process, data, technical and change enablement. They also provide much needed context against your ROI metrics and technical CRM configuration and architecture.

CRM health checkBest of all, our diagnostics are repeatable. Like the periodic medical check-up, our clients use our assessment tools as a regular barometer for the state of their CRM development and an input for continual improvement. They help identify whether the implementation is on track to achieve target state, and provide guidance where gaps still need to be addressed.

So if you’re worried that your CRM is not keeping pace with your business needs, or if you simply want to check the strength of your foundations before investing further, we’re sure that you’ll benefit from our diagnostic and health check capabilities. Come and talk to us.

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