What You Talking Bot, Salesforce?

What You Talking Bot, Salesforce?

Let’s face it, we live in an on-demand world. People not only desire immediate satisfaction – they expect it. So if you’re not set up to deliver on those expectations, you’re already behind in the game. While the human touch of customer service is still valuable, now more than ever, companies are turning to bots to expedite customer experience.

Let’s say your customer has a simple question about a product on your site. The last thing they want to do is jump through multiple hoops to get a live agent to answer. More likely they will simply give up after the first hurdle and find another source with a similar product who doesn’t make them track down answers. This is where a bot becomes a business’ best friend. By implementing bots, your organization gains insights into customer digital behavior, your live agents can focus on high revenue generating activities, and most importantly, you can evolve your customers’ experience.

The best part? You can implement many of these bots for free – from the Salesforce AppExchange. PolSource, a platinum consulting partner, recently helped Salesforce create two such basic bots for free use on their AppExchange, as an unmanaged package. Their goal is to help users do minor configuration updates for bot function and to immediately gather information from consumers that would typically take longer to collect during an agent call. 

The Einstein Contact Us Bot is a pre-built bot using standard functionality and configuration in Salesforce. Implementation of this bot enables the capture of key customer information for those interested in company products or who need help with an issue. Installing this Bot streamlines the flow of lead creation and case creation so that fewer calls and inquiries go directly to agents. 

The Einstein Retail Bot (available soon) is also a pre-built bot using standard functionality and configuration in Salesforce. Implementation of this bot enables customers to update their account information and view the status of a previous order. Implementing this bot drives customers to manage common actions themselves rather than automatically directing them to speak with an agent.

PolSource has helped many companies to improve their customer journeys using Bots on the Salesforce platform, including the world’s first and largest staffing agency – Robert Half International. We created a highly customized chatbot for Omni Channel candidate support, and the results have transformed Robert Half’s business.

Robert Half did not have easy requirements, but PolSource built an advanced bot with the richest user experience that I know of among all the live Einstein Bots. I will be referring PolSource as the SI who has done this.
– Hao Dong, Product Director, Certified Technical Architect – Salesforce

PolSource also implemented a Returns and Exchange Bot for Gap Inc., that supports all Gap owned brands including Gap, Old Navy, Altheta, and Banana Republic. But Bots aren’t just for online retailers. PolSource teamed up with Salesforce to create a robust multi-channel temporary contact center for attendees at the Dreamforce 2018 conference. The contact center was built in just 6 weeks, and helped over 170,000 DF attendees navigate the conference. They could connect to agents using Apple Business Chat, Spotlight search on Apple Maps, live chat, and more. After impressive 2018 success, PolSource was asked to help build the Contact Center for the 2019 Dreamforce conference too.

In a world where AI is front and center, bots are not only a valuable, but a necessary tool to run a successful business. Want to learn more about specific bots on the Salesforce platform, and how they can help transform your user experience? Click here to read about The Magic of Einstein Bot.