Top 10 of 2020

Top 10 of 2020

top 10 of 2020

It’s been an unusually trying year to say the least, but at PolSource, we’ve worked hard to thrive through adversity and keep up business as usual. In fact, despite the hurdles of adjusting to the new normal, we’ve had a banner year.

With the festive season approaching, we hope you’re finding some downtime to destress from all the craziness. We thought we’d take this opportunity to invite you to review some of our biggest accomplishments from this year – in case you missed them!

Here is the PolSource Top 10 of 2020 list of achievements:

10. Crisis Response App – PolSource quickly deployed the Crisis Response App in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, and offered it not only to our customers, but any company that wished to use it at NO CHARGE.

9. Personal Shopper Package – Another crisis-response effort was the creation of our Personal Shopper Package, a suite of Salesforce technologies to replicate the assisted shopping experience online. The package was created to get customers shopping again and retail associates working again – while increasing cart values and decreasing abandoned carts.

8. Chatbot Webinar with Salesforce – We joined forces with Salesforce to host the webinar “Let’s Chat about Chatbots.” Attendees heard from Salesforce and PolSource bot experts to learn how Chatbots can help an organization gain insights into customer digital behavior, allow live agents to focus on high revenue generating activities, and most importantly evolve the customers’ experience.

7. FSQ Accelerator – Our FSF and CPQ experts created the PolSource Field Service Quote accelerator, which empowers mobile technicians with the ability to accurately quote repairs and offer additional products and services onsite, by leveraging CPQ within FSM. We co-hosted webinars with Salesforce and leading customer Aggreko in both EMEA and AMER to share the exciting features of our custom solution!

6. DevOps TrueNorth Alliance – Along with partners CodeScan and Copado, we formed the DevOps TrueNorth Alliance. The three leading Salesforce partners joined forces to offer first class DevOps solutions for Salesforce customers. We ran several virtual events together including a kick-off webinar and fireside chat with experts from PolSource, CodeScan, Copado and Salesforce.

5. Service Cloud Voice – Rated the #1 partner for Service Cloud Voice, PolSource implemented one of the first Service Cloud Voice projects for an industry-leading company. Senior Service Cloud Practice Director, Dave McCall, penned a blog series on Service Cloud Voice that spanned feature descriptions to lessons learned from our first implementation. Check out our demo video!

4. Salesforce Winter Release ‘21 Highlights Video – Our EMEA Service Cloud experts shared their thoughts on the Salesforce Winter Release ’21, including highlight demos. The informative video has had over 2K views so far!

3. Salesforce Optimization for Semiconductor Organizations – We hosted a lunch-n-learn webinar with Salesforce to help Semiconductor organizations learn how to optimize revenue forecasting, utilize predictive analytics pricing, and provide a transformative partner experience on the Salesforce platform.

2. Employee Success – PolSource has continued to grow both in numbers and achievements this year. Our amazing team has earned 14 Navigator specializations (including Service Expert) and over 1,100 certifications! To celebrate, we started a monthly employee spotlight for some not-so-humble brags about our overachievers.

1. Customer Success! – PolSource worked with a myriad of new and returning customers this year, earning us a 4.9/5 CSAT score. Check out this playlist of video customer testimonials for a sampling of success stories!

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