Take Care and Do What You Can

Take Care and Do What You Can

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Written by Tonia Edwards, PolSource VP of Delivery, AMER
Tuesday morning, I woke up thinking about two things. First, a dear friend and colleague’s philosophy on life:  “Take care of your patch.” And second, an Arthur Ashe quote:  “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
Focusing on these two things reminded me of what I’m already doing and what I can do moving forward to take care of my patch using what I have and doing what I can. I want to share my list with you in case it might be helpful for you as well.

1) Put Your Oxygen Mask on First:  Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

2) Be Kind and, When Possible, Be Calm:  People are scared and overwhelmed and sometimes need a little extra kindness and grace.

3) Check on Your People:  Call, message, email – see how they’re doing and if they need anything. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that people understand how hard things are and care.

4) Help Feed Your People:  Deliver meals or groceries to your friends, family, and neighbors. Of course, from a distance.

5) Send Mail:  Support our postal service and write/mail cards and letters to friends and loved ones. Remember how much you loved to get mail as a kid! It feels about the same now that we’re all stuck at home.

6) Create (Virtual) Space for Connections:  Schedule video calls with your people. I have a weekly happy hour (Whine About It) and a regular brunch with friends. The chaos of a group connect can be absolutely joyful, and sometimes it’s nice to cry together too.

7) Remember that A Lot of People are Struggling Financially:  Help where and how you can. In some cases, that means paying for typical services, even if those aren’t available right now (Hair Cuts, Cleaning Services etc), tipping a little extra to the folks delivering our food, groceries, and a whole host of other things, and help out those who are suddenly back on the job market. Read resumes, conduct mock interviews, and help make connections.

Let’s keep standing together. For helpful tips on working through the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our recent blogs.