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work from home

How to Survive Work from Home Life with Family

The pandemic has made the work from home scenario a reality for millions of people. While some folks are slowly returning to an office, many of us continue to (and will continue to) lead our careers from our personal residences. This can offer lots of advantages, such as saving money on gas or the need…
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discount schedule banner

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedule

PolSource Pointers for Salesforce CPQ Do you want to apply discounting on your Products? With Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedules you will be able to do so for volume-based and term-based discounts, as well as discounts applied directly on Product’s cost. You’ll need to: Go to Discount Schedule Object and create new record Give your Discount…
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Product Features banner

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Product Features

PolSource Pointers for Salesforce CPQ Group options within your bundle into nicely organized, user-friendly sections with Salesforce CPQ Product Features. You’ll need to: Go to you parent bundle Product record and navigate to related list of Product Features Create new Product Feature record – the Configured SKU will be filled for you automatically with your…
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configurable product

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Configurable Product

PolSource Pointers for Salesforce CPQ Have a product that requires configuration? Well with Salesforce CPQ, it’s easy! You’ll need to: Go to the Configuration section of the Product object For Configuration Type, select whether it should be: Allowed (means the user can configure it, but isn’t forced to) Required (means the user is forced to…
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subscription product image

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Subscription Product

PolSource Pointers for Salesforce CPQ Have a subscription product that you want to create and quote for in Salesforce? Well with Salesforce CPQ, it’s easy! You’ll need to: Set the subscription pricing. Is it a fixed price or is it a % of another product? Set the term. Remember – the final price of the…
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little ones blog image

So you’re still on lock-down with little ones…

Written by Lindsey Gad, Global Marketing Manager at PolSource I’ve been a 100% remote employee since joining the PolSource team in June of 2019, so the transition into pandemic times was easier for me than most. But while I may have the ideal home office setup and stellar WFH skills under my belt, nothing could…
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field service lemonade

About Field Service, COVID and Lemonade

Written by Amit Rotstein, Field Service Practice Director at PolSource COVID-19 is forcing us to adapt the way we do business. Companies will need to adapt the way they manage their field service operations. This will require a flexible and scalable field service application as well as a few changes to the way your business…
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take care

Take Care and Do What You Can

Written by Tonia Edwards, PolSource VP of Delivery, AMER   Tuesday morning, I woke up thinking about two things. First, a dear friend and colleague’s philosophy on life:  “Take care of your patch.” And second, an Arthur Ashe quote:  “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”   Focusing on these…
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keep virtual workshop participants engaged

Nudity! Babies! Puppies! How to keep virtual workshop participants engaged

As a consultant in the Salesforce ecosystem for almost 15 years,  I have done multiple global implementations, which have often meant facilitating workshops and even training virtually.  I don’t mind admitting that my first few attempts were frankly disastrous but, as with all soft skills, we learn from experience.  So think of this blog as…
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