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real-time agent capabilities

Salesforce Service Voice Will Unlock New Real-Time Agent Capabilities

Written by Dave McCall, Service Cloud Director at PolSource As I said in my last post, contact centers have taken the phone channel for granted for some time. From a CRM standpoint, the phone and the CRM have stayed cordial but remained mostly separate. We generally connect them at the beginning of a call to pass…
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Service Voice

Salesforce Service Voice Is a Game-Changer

Written by Dave McCall, Service Cloud Director at PolSource Let’s face it. Contact center professionals like me have taken the phone channel for granted for years. Still, 75% of people believe calling is the most effective way to get a quick response, and 46% of customers prefer the phone for complicated issues. We can all agree,…
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field service lemonade

About Field Service, COVID and Lemonade

Written by Amit Rotstein, Field Service Practice Director at PolSource COVID-19 is forcing us to adapt the way we do business. Companies will need to adapt the way they manage their field service operations. This will require a flexible and scalable field service application as well as a few changes to the way your business…
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emergency checklist

Customer Support Emergency Checklist

Written by Dave McCall, Service Cloud Director The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink their customer service operations. Many operations had disaster plans in place, but were unprepared for the displacement of all agents from the contact center. Some organizations had plans to implement low-cost channels sometime in the future, but hadn’t prioritized those…
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flex solution

Flex solution bridges the gap to successful project delivery

The COVID-19 health crisis has affected every part of our daily lives, and business is no exception. Companies find themselves relying on remote means to conduct all aspects of their business – many for the first time. If you’re trying to conduct a Salesforce implementation, it can be an especially stressful transition, one that leaves…
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10 Keys to Success – Unlock the true value of the Salesforce Platform

Watch the 10 Keys to Success Video It’s an alarming fact that the majority of CRM implementations do not deliver the expected business benefits.  In a recent Forbes article it was reported that, whilst 70% of CEOs believe they have made the right technology investments, only 10% are properly realizing their true value. The problem…
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A Letter to Our Customers

Many customers are asking us what the impact of the current COVID-19 health crisis will have on our teams’ ability to deliver their critical projects on time, and what we can do to help them quickly adapt to new or rapidly revised business models and working practices.   We are also seeing a rise in customer demand…
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Deployments of SFDC and SFDX Unlocked Packages

Written by Stefan Abramiuk, Technical Architect at PolSource In January 2019, Salesforce released a functionality called Unlocked Packages. This is another functionality extending the possibilities of SFDX CLI (Command Line Interface), and its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of metadata between environments. Will it revolutionize the way applications are implemented in Salesforce environments? Let’s…
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Frisco Women in Tech

Frisco Women in Tech 2019 Dreamforce Global Gathering

On January 15th, 2020, the Salesforce Frisco WIT Community Group held a Dreamforce 2019 Global Gathering, led by PolSource’s own Christina Moren (Customer Success Manager). Amongst goodies, refreshments, and a Fleetwood Mac playlist, the ladies reviewed highlights of Dreamforce 2019 – networking and sharing their favorite keynotes from the conference. One hot topic discussed was…
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Sheldon Simmons Salesforce Superstar

Sheldon Simmons: Salesforce & Veteran Trailblazer

Learn about the exciting Dreamforce 2019 experience of Sheldon Simmons – PolSource Consultant, Navy Veteran, and Salesforce Trailblazer.