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Managed Services Expert

EPAM PolSource Secures Managed Services Expert Status on Salesforce AppExchange

EPAM PolSource joins an elite group of 5-star rated consulting partners to earn the Salesforce Partner Managed Services Expert Navigator status on Salesforce AppExchange.  EPAM PolSource, part of EPAM’s Global Digital Engagement Practice​, is proud to be topping the ranks of the Salesforce AppExchange. With a recent release of updates, the EPAM PolSource team became…
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salesforce certification

Staying motivated on the path to Salesforce Certification

Written by Andrew Hancock, Salesforce Business Analyst at EPAM PolSource Studying and sitting Salesforce certification exams can sound intimidating, stressful and arduous. For me, it brings back memories of school. However, these days I have a full-proof plan to stay motivated. It’s pretty simple. For every Salesforce certification I pass, I get myself a big…
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salesforce products

What do you really need from your Salesforce products?

Written by Fiona Steele, Senior Business Analyst at EPAM PolSource Salesforce creates products. Customers buy user licenses. Salesforce hosts, updates and maintains their products. Customers get access to the product and new and improved iterations. This is the nutshell that explains why, if you can use the out of the box functions of Salesforce products,…
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field service

Talking Salesforce Field Service with Amit Rotstein

We recently sat down with Amit Rotstein, Solution Architect and AMER Field Service Practice Lead at EPAM PolSource, to learn about his storied background with Salesforce Field Service (SFS), and to gain insights into the current challenges and trends in the Field Service industry. Q: Hi Amit! Please tell us about your role as Field…
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multiple salesforce orgs

I Have Multiple Salesforce Orgs… Now What?

Written by Kristine Stowell, Senior Director Consulting at EPAM PolSource So far in 2021 there have been more than 6,500 reported acquisitions worldwide, which is 29% higher than the amount this time last year¹. Post acquisition is when the real fun begins – analyzing the people, processes, and technology of the acquired company in comparison…
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cloud 3.0

The Next Cloud Generation is here (Cloud 3.0)

Say hello to Cloud 3.0. Written by Andres Garcia, Consulting Services Director at EPAM PolSource Companies, at last you and I are seeing the current pandemic moving into the rearview mirror. Vaccination is increasing, businesses are re-opening and people are on the street. One thing is for certain, we have a new way to see…
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epam polsource for sfs

Why EPAM PolSource for SFS

Written by Adam Norder, Principal Solution Architect and Amit Rotstein, FSM Practice Lead at EPAM PolSource The EPAM PolSource Field Service experts are known throughout the Salesforce ecosystem for SFS excellence, and here’s why: Scheduling and Optimization Experts from ClickSoftware EPAM PolSource has team members who have worked with Salesforce Field Service since its inception…
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service retail utopia

Customer Service for Retail Utopia

Written by Dave McCall, Senior Director, Service Cloud Practice at PolSource Imagine a world where your customers interact with your brand like they do a loyal friend–they come for advice, they trust your intentions, and they come to you first. Imagine your customer service professionals having all the tools they need to not only help…
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commerce retail utopia

Commerce to Achieve Retail Utopia

Written by Preston Adams, Sales & Commerce Practice Lead at PolSource As a retailer, do you feel constantly behind the ball trying to make predictions, attempting to keep up with customer needs and the ever changing retail environment? Imagine a world where we understand our customers habits, needs, wants and in a single unified platform.…
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loyalty management

Looking for Redemption – Salesforce Loyalty Management

Written by Anthony Harrison, Industries Practice Director at PolSource As markets mature, they all go through a series of steps. The first movers or disruptors have something new, something unique that differentiates them from an existing market. If they move quickly enough they can achieve a dominant share of that market that may take months…
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