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Talking Salesforce Field Service with Amit Rotstein

We recently sat down with Amit Rotstein, Solution Architect and AMER Field Service Practice Lead at EPAM PolSource, to learn about his storied background with Salesforce Field Service (SFS), and to gain insights into the current challenges and trends in the Field Service industry. Q: Hi Amit! Please tell us about your role as Field…
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Advanced Maintenance Recurrence is a Field Service Game Changer

Written by Amit Rotstein, FSM Practice Lead (AMER) at PolSource I am a bit of a nerd, and I get excited about the new features in Salesforce releases. As you know, Salesforce provides a new release every 4 months, the latest being the Spring ‘21 that came out on March 9th. With each release I…
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About Field Service, COVID and Lemonade

Written by Amit Rotstein, Field Service Practice Director at PolSource COVID-19 is forcing us to adapt the way we do business. Companies will need to adapt the way they manage their field service operations. This will require a flexible and scalable field service application as well as a few changes to the way your business…
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