Sheldon Simmons: Salesforce & Veteran Trailblazer

Sheldon Simmons: Salesforce & Veteran Trailblazer

Sheldon Simmons Salesforce Superstar

Dreamforce 2019 was a big week for PolSource and it’s employees, and that was certainly the case for consultant Sheldon Simmons. In case you missed him, which would’ve been hard to do in his metallic gold Trailblazer jacket, Sheldon’s smiling face could be seen on screens and posters throughout Moscone Center. In fact, his inspiring Trailblazer journey from job-seeking Navy veteran to Salesforce superstar was featured in this year’s opening keynote. While this isn’t Sheldon’s first stint of Salesforce-related attention, he was featured in a PBS special in 2018, this year’s fame was definitely on a larger scale. Not only was Sheldon selected to be a Dreamforce Salesforce Military Ambassador, he was interviewed by Marc Benioff himself during the opening keynote, and even made it on to the local news! Clearly, we at PolSource are quite proud of our golden boy (pun intended), so we took a moment to sit down with Sheldon to find out about his exciting experience at Dreamforce 2019.

Q1: So Sheldon, when you joined PolSource as a Salesforce Consultant – did you ever dream you’d be on the big stage getting interviewed by Keith. Block?

Never in a million years! I have always been an audience member, so to see everything happen behind the scenes was really cool. I felt like a movie star for a minute. I was wearing make-up and all. 

Q2: You and several other PolSource employees (Yancy Whitaker and David Nava) were selected to be part of the inaugural Salesforce Military Ambassador program at this year’s Dreamforce – what was that like?

It was great! I always love meeting veterans who are new to Salesforce and are looking for a new career. I remember when I was that same veteran, unsure and needing an opportunity to get my foot in the door. The first interview can be a scary situation for anyone. I help relieve some of that fear by sharing my experiences and my Trailblazer story. 

Q3: We know you took part in the Salesforce Military program, but you’re also a board member for the Merivis foundation. Why was your journey with these two organizations an important story to tell at Dreamforce?

The transition from military life to civilian life is hard for some. Veterans are used to working in teams. When I tell my story it lets veterans know that there is a division, unit, platoon or whatever, that is here in the civilian world and will help them continue their mission of life outside the military. 

Q4: You must be getting used to the camera by now, you’ve made films for Merivis and Salesforce that have been featured on PBS and at Dreamforce. You were also interviewed for a segment on the local news in San Francisco! How was that live process in comparison?

I’m never used to the camera but I am comfortable. (I know it sounds weird) I get nervous and my hand start sweating, kind of like my first interview with PolSource. I just think to myself that everyone in the room is my friend and they want to hear what I have to say. That is my mental preparation. Same preparation for live on the spot interviews.  Plus, I talk a lot so that helps. 

Q5: With such an exciting experience this year, how are you going to top it next Dreamforce?

This year has been one of the best years of my life! I don’t think I can top it. Building the first Einstein Bot on the moon may do it. 

Q6: Just one more question – do you wear that metallic gold Trailblazer jacket around the house? We bet your fiance loves it.

She always wants me to wear it every now and then around the house. Taco Tuesday is the only time I put it on. I’m joking. I wear it during special events. I feel like Superman when I put it on but when I take it off, I’m Sheldon Simmons, mild-mannered Salesforce consultant, which I’m okay with too.

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