Salesforce Service Voice Will Unlock New Real-Time Agent Capabilities

Salesforce Service Voice Will Unlock New Real-Time Agent Capabilities

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Written by Dave McCall, Service Cloud Director at PolSource

As I said in my last post, contact centers have taken the phone channel for granted for some time. From a CRM standpoint, the phone and the CRM have stayed cordial but remained mostly separate. We generally connect them at the beginning of a call to pass a little data from the phone system to the CRM, and then essentially pretend like they aren’t being used in parallel for the rest of the customer interaction.

Salesforce Service Voice, which will be released in the next Salesforce release, promises to go a long way to tighten this relationship. There are a number of capabilities that are unlocked by uniting the phone system with the CRM system where we expect an agent to capture the details of the call.

As we consider what is coming, the following real-time agent capabilities are especially exciting.

Real-time Call Transcript

The star of this show is the real-time call transcript being brought to us by the speech-to-text capabilities of the product. As I mentioned in my last post, this means never asking a customer to repeat themselves. It also unlocks a number of other exciting possibilities.

Real-time Automatic Data Capture

Take the auto-transcript to the next level. With some customization, the system could be made to recognize patterns and phrases and equate those to data fields. For example, if the user is talking about warranty claims, the system might automatically disposition the case for the agent. Perhaps the caller mentions a specific product by one of its nicknames, with some small amount of intelligence, the system could be taught to recognize that product and fill that case field.

Real-time Context-Based Knowledge

Once data is being automatically placed into fields for the agent and data categories are correctly configured, the Knowledge component of the agent console becomes significantly more valuable. Now, without the agent distracted by characterizing the case, knowledge articles will constantly change to reflect the topics being discussed on the call. It should be possible to surface knowledge relevant to the most recent portion of the conversation without the agent having to constantly search or make manual changes.

Real-time Suggested Phrases (Verbal Quick Text)

If you have yet to see the suggested responses feature that Salesforce has demonstrated as a future enhancement to Live Agent and Live Messaging, it is worth a look. The idea is that artificial intelligence suggests ways to respond to a customer message based on what has been said in past conversations. Imagine the same prompts to a phone agent. When the caller says that they’re having trouble with the product, the system might suggest the agent say “I’m so sorry to hear that, I know it can be frustrating when things aren’t working. I have experienced that myself. Let’s see if we can’t fix this for you.” With a critical mass of conversations transcribed, these suggestions could be pulled only from calls where the customer sentiment was good or which resulted in high survey scores.

Real-time Sentiment-Analysis and Escalation

With a bit of integration and a text version of the call transcript, it should be possible to regularly monitor the caller’s sentiment and push that sentiment back to the case. With this data available on the case, supervisors will be able to monitor in real-time from a dashboard any calls that are escalating, proactively monitor, provide guidance to the agent, and even jump in to help.

With these real-time capabilities, agents will spend more time talking to customers while being offered tools that are more helpful to them throughout. Increased agent efficiency produces both happier customers and cost savings.

Want to learn more about Service Voice?

Read Salesforce’s press release for Service Voice:

Salesforce has also provided a Trailhead to introduce Service Voice:

Over the coming weeks, watch this blog for more deeper dives into some other Service Voice capabilities and how they will unlock better service for organizations including new voice-activated capabilities and increased quality controls.

It’s time to unlock the power of Voice to transform service. Whether you’re ready for full implementation, or a pilot, we’re ready to partner with you. Contact us today to start your Voice journey.


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