Salesforce Social Studio Crisis Campaign Package

Campaign Through Crisis

Salesforce Social Studio for COVID-19

What is the Social Studio Crisis Campaign Package?

A PolSource accelerator to enable you to rapidly create new social campaigns and deploy posts within just 10 days

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Polsource created a package to help clients respond to customers needs utilizing Salesforce Social Studio. This tool set enables you to:
– Improve Customer Experience
– Reduce Inbound Calls
– Create Connected Campaigns
– Listen for Customer postings
– Engage with Customers
– Track Customer Engagement
– Communicate Proactively with Customers

Package Includes

A complete Social Studio enablement with:


Salesforce Social Studio Configuration


Social Competitive Analysis and Recommendations


Social Posts Wireframe


Social Campaign Design and Implementation


Social Media Best Practices and Playbook


Post-Implementation Support and Enhancements (optional)

Our Approach

In today’s difficult and unprecedented crisis – we aim to enable our clients to deliver proactive social media campaigns to their customers as quickly as possible – starting in week 2 of the engagement.


Define social strategy for Facebook and Twitter

Analyze top competitors to utilize best practices and offer opportunities for message differentiation

Quickly deliver campaigns, including wireframe mockups

Deliver “How-to Guide” to quickly generate social content going forward


Configure social studio and enable accounts for both Facebook & Twitter

Install Marketing Cloud connector to enable connected campaigns across all channels

Enable social listening to help identify customer issues for proactive mitigation

Deploy campaigns as scheduled


Provide metrics for each campaign to measure OOTB social KPIs:
engagement clicks,
reshares and comments,
sentiment and trending keywords

Continued support for social studio, campaigns deployed and best practices

On-going PolSource expertise / advice

The Benefits

Determine a social strategy for Facebook and Twitter, compiling an analysis of top competitors and utilizing social best practices.

Improve Customer Experience

Increase trust and better manage expectations

Reduce Inbound Calls

Reduce strain on call center and in-store employees

Connected Campaigns

Improve and measure consistent messaging

Community Management

Listen and respond to moments of truth

Track Engagement

Measure and improve social communication / campaigns

Proactive Communication

Drive customers to information they need: e.g., FAQs

React fast, before your competitors do.