Exploring Salesforce CPQ Product Features

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Product Features

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Group options within your bundle into nicely organized, user-friendly sections with Salesforce CPQ Product Features.

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You’ll need to:

  1. Go to you parent bundle Product record and navigate to related list of Product Features
  2. Create new Product Feature record – the Configured SKU will be filled for you automatically with your parent bundle product
  3. Give a Name to your Feature that will be shown within the configurator
  4. Set the Number that indicates the display order of the Feature within your bundle – bring the required options feature to the top so your sales rep won’t have a chance to miss that group of products
  5. Set Min Options – it’s a required field saying what is the minimum number of options that has to be selected within the feature
  6. Set Max Options – you can control the maximum number of option that are available to be selected
  7. Chose Option Selection Method:
    1. Click – a selection checkbox appears next to Product Options
    2. Add – an ‘Add Options’ link is shown instead Product Options in the Feature, sales rep sees all available options to choose from after clicking ‘Add Options’
    3. Dynamic – allows user to select options that are not predefined from a separate Product Selection page also by clicking ‘Add Options’ link
  8. You can split your sets of Features into categories displayed as tabs in the configurator by filling up Category field

Apart from setting up the Feature remember to assign your Product Options to it.

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And that’s it! Salesforce CPQ makes the quoting experience easy and neat for the sales reps while leveraging option selection control with the use of simple Min and Max Options fields and further customization of Dynamic Option Selection Method. Ask our Polsource team for all the tips and tricks in creating and setting up Product Features for your bundle.

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