Exploring Salesforce CPQ Percent of Total Product

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Percent of Total Product

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Salesforce CPQ

With Salesforce CPQ you can introduce a more flexible approach to pricing! Make your Subscription Product’s price dependent on other products present on your Quote with Percent of Total configuration:

You’ll need to:

  1. Go to the Subscription section of the Product record page
  2. For Subscription Pricing, select Percent of Total
  3. Set the Subscription Term. Remember – the final price will depend on it
  4. Choose the Percent of Total Base to define whether the price is calculated based on the list price, net price, customer price, or regular price of its covered products
  5. Set the Product’s Subscription Type (one time, renewable or evergreen)
  6. Set the Percent Of Total (%) to define what % of the target product or products within the defined category is making the price of your product
  7. Percent Of Total Category – define that filed for your PoT subscription product and all products that should contribute to your product’s price

And that’s it! Salesforce CPQ allows further out of the box customization of Percent of Total calculations tailored to your company’s needs – PolSource team will be happy to help you explore the full potential of Percent of Total products.

Have more questions about Percent of Total configuration or Salesforce CPQ? Contact us today!