Exploring Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedule

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedule

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Do you want to apply discounting on your Products? With Salesforce CPQ Discount Schedules you will be able to do so for volume-based and term-based discounts, as well as discounts applied directly on Product’s cost.

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You’ll need to:

  1. Go to Discount Schedule Object and create new record
  2. Give your Discount Schedule a meaningful Name
  3. Select the Type:
    1. Range – the discount is applied on whole quantity according to the respective tier
    2. Slab – only units within the tier bounds receive the defined discount
  4. Select the Discount Unit
    1. Percent – the discount is percentage of your quote line’s list price
    2. Amount – the discount is defined as an amount taken off of your quote line’s list price
  5. Select the Aggregation Scope
    1. None – uses only the quantity of the individual line to determine tier
    2. Quote – combines quantity of all quote line items of same product
    3. Group – combines quantity of line items of same product in same group
  6. Establish Tiers with prices by clicking ‘Edit Tiers’ action – define Lower Bounds (that are inclusive) and Upper Bounds (that are exclusive) with respective discount values

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  7. Assign the Discount Schedule with the Product
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And that’s it! Your basic volume based discount schedule is all set. And your sales rep can view the details of discounts from Quote Line Editor level by hovering over icon that shows up next to the discounted product. Discount Schedule is a powerful out-of-the-box tool that can adjust the pricing in accordance with your company’s requirements. For further, more advanced customization of schedules don’t hesitate to reach out to PolSource!.

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