Exploring Salesforce CPQ Configurable Product

Exploring Salesforce CPQ Configurable Product

configurable product

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Salesforce CPQ

Have a product that requires configuration? Well with Salesforce CPQ, it’s easy!

You’ll need to:

  1. Go to the Configuration section of the Product object
  2. For Configuration Type, select whether it should be:
    1. Allowed (means the user can configure it, but isn’t forced to)
    2. Required (means the user is forced to configure it)
    3. Disabled (means the user can’t configure it)
  3. Configuration Event is when a user is allowed to configure the product. The choices are:
    1. On Add, which means everytime the product is added
    2. On Edit, which means the user only needs to configure it when they edit it

And that’s it! Salesforce CPQ makes it easy for power users to create and maintain products to be used for quoting and asset tracking, amongst other things. Reach out to PolSource should you need help with your CPQ implementation.

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