Using Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for Social Responsibility

Using Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for Social Responsibility

consumer goods cloud for social responsibility

Written by Jon Parker, Consumer Goods Practice Lead at PolSource

The level of social responsibility as a result of COVID requires all organizations to increase the amount of connected anywhere capability.  As we emerge into the new normal, we are realizing that all workers are mobile workers especially at consumer goods companies.  

PolSource is leveraging our experience in dealing with the consumer, retailers and brands via service channels, and bringing that experience to the sales side of the house.  Having all your data and touchpoints connected through one system is the holy grail for any business – but getting there is a journey.  

As an organization, PolSource has had the privilege to discuss the pain points many of our consumer goods customers are facing in this changing world. Combining this information, as well as getting feedback from industry leaders about how they are getting their field-based employees safely back to work, we have come up with a solution utilizing the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. What we have found is that many of the teams have fallen back to working off emails and spreadsheets, as that is the comfortable standby.  We’ve also seen a vast difference in the way companies are reengaging their field resources, with some companies asking for weekly visit plans or some kind of tracking, and others going back to business as usual with some COVID safety measures in mind.  

With this knowledge, combined with our background in consumer interactions and the consumer goods industry, PolSource put together a Consumer Goods cloud quick launch program. The program not only helps companies fix an immediate need for connected capability, but also helps them build a platform for the future, to deal with and create ongoing automation and efficiency gains. Following our crawl, walk, run approach, we’ve devised a plan to get your field sales team back in the field effectively, and in a socially responsible manner, in mere weeks.  The following steps focus on gaining efficiencies with data and optimization and moving to run with automation leveraging Salesforce Einstein for productive capabilities.  

  1. The base Consumer Goods Cloud deployment creates social responsibility with both the employees and the customers they are interacting with, with a focus on tracking interactions. Having a log of who has a face to face interaction, allows us to get back to a more standard way of working, with the comfort of knowing you can make data-driven decisions that are best for your employees and customers. This is a much-needed process for our current environment, but also is a great opportunity to create a new way of working moving forward.  

  2. The next step aligns with what Salesforce refers to as the “Perfect Shelf/Store”. We look at this as a more “Enhanced Experience”. Having enhanced information on what is on the shelf is key to driving this experience, but making it actionable for the people receiving this information is the key to them understanding and getting value out of it.

  3. The final phase of the process is around Smart Selling and automation. We take everything we started with and build it to an automated recommendation engine to drive the right product, in the right place, at the right time. All this is done so that recommendations come from actions and data to help drive efficiencies across people’s daily activities. 

Stay tuned for additional information coming out about how PolSource continues to build a suite of offerings to extend on this base with additional automation for the Consumer Goods Cloud.

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