PolSource and PSignite extend Salesforce Vaccine Cloud with Smart Assets VAX solution

PolSource and PSignite extend Salesforce Vaccine Cloud with Smart Assets VAX solution

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PolSource among select group of Salesforce partners extending the power of new Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

PolSource and ISV partner PSignite to deliver “Smart Assets VAX” for cold storage monitoring, a solution for Salesforce Vaccine Cloud which ensures vaccines are stable, traceable and not delayed from manufacturer to patient

Krakow, Poland – February 2, 2021Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced Vaccine Cloud on January 27, 2021, a technology to help government agencies, healthcare organizations, businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions more rapidly, safely and efficiently deploy and manage their vaccine programs. As a Salesforce expert who brings deep industry knowledge and tested solutions, global strategic partner PolSource is already leveraging Vaccine Cloud solutions to help organizations accelerate their vaccine management programs. PolSource is partnering with PSignite, ISV creators of Smart Assets VAX for vaccine cold storage monitoring.

PSignite originally developed Smart Assets CG for consumer goods cold storage monitoring. Leveraging their extensive knowledge in this field, they have recently focused their efforts to create an asset monitoring system for the intelligent and safe distribution of vaccines. 

Working with IoT solution providers like KoolZone and eVision IoT, Smart Assets VAX continuously tracks and monitors refrigerator and freezer location and critical performance factors such as temperature, door open/close, and power status. Real-time data streamed from IoT-monitored freezers is intelligently linked via the Vaccine Cloud to inventory data, creating a storage lifecycle record for each lot of vaccine, ensuring trust in the safety of every vial. 

Smart Assets VAX is among the first solutions to address the supply chain visibility challenges of the vaccine rollout. Whether cold storage containers are in transit or at stationary locations, Smart Assets VAX allows cold chain participants to be notified in real-time of abnormal freezer performance changes that threaten vaccine integrity, mitigating vaccine loss and waste, and maximizing delivery and availability of doses. It also provides valuable insights into vaccine efficacy, inventory levels, and storage capacity by asset location. The innovative solution was created specifically for Salesforce, the primary solution used by clinicians to manage the vaccine rollout through appointment scheduling, follow up, and inventory lot tracking. 

“To overcome the current pandemic, the world needs to deliver 15 billion doses over 12 months,” says PSignite CEO, Doug Miller. “Our goal is to support professionals and patient trust in the integrity and efficacy of the vaccine supply chain.”

To aid in the implementation of Smart Assets VAX, PSignite joins forces with longtime Salesforce Platinum Partner PolSource. Known for their multi-cloud expertise across Salesforce platforms, PolSource has worked with many trusted Healthcare and Life Science brands around the world.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the effort to leverage Salesforce Vaccine Cloud solutions that expedite vaccine management programs,” adds PolSource Founder & CEO and PSignite Chairman of the Board, Adam Bartkowski. “Both PolSource and PSignite bring invaluable expertise and experience to this critical mission.”

To learn more about Vaccine Cloud, read the Salesforce Press Release.

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