PolSource Team

Meet the PolSource team

We are a global pure-play Salesforce partner, delivering real business change and success on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, with the speed of a boutique, and assurance of a global consultancy.

Collectively our team built and led many of the world’s largest global consulting firms, Salesforce boutiques, and even Salesforce’s own Customer Success program.

Adam Bartkowski

Founder & CEO

Jon Flaherty

Co-COO and GM, Americas

Dave Falconer


Paul Andrew

Chief Strategy Officer

Krzysztof Waśniowski

SVP, COE & Poland

Brandon Marsee

SVP, Finance & Operations

Melvyn Chungath

VP Finance

Priya Bhalla

Director of Alliances

Lindsey Gad

Global Marketing Manager

Tonia Edwards

VP of Delivery, AMER

Chris Grimshaw

VP, Delivery EMEA

Vincent Oliver

Global VP of Customer Success

Greg Bohlen

VP, Global Consulting and Change Enablement

Dennis Picht

VP, Practices

Trey Roldan

VP, Customer Solutions AMER

Chris Horne

VP, Customer Solutions EMEA

Terence Hamilton

VP Sales, Continental Europe

Robert Hardin

Regional VP, Customer Solutions

Maciej Król

VP, Salesforce Engineering

Austin Wildmore

VP, Industry Solutions for CG & Retail

Agnieszka Bak

Director, Finance & Administration

Board of Directors

Adam Bartkowski


Paul Andrew

Art Roldan

Dan Dal Degan

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