PolSource Team

Meet the PolSource team

We are a global pure-play Salesforce partner, delivering real business change and success on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, with the speed of a boutique, and assurance of a global consultancy.

Collectively our team built and led many of the world’s largest global consulting firms, Salesforce boutiques, and even Salesforce’s own Customer Success program.

Adam Bartkowski

Founder & CEO

Jon Flaherty

Co-COO and GM, Americas

Dave Falconer


Paul Andrew

Chief Strategy Officer

Krzysztof Waśniowski

SVP, COE & Poland

Brandon Marsee

SVP, Finance & Operations

Melvyn Chungath

VP Finance

Lindsey Gad

Global Marketing Manager

Trey Roldan

SVP, Customer Solutions, AMER

Peter McCudden

SVP, Sales & Business Dev,, EMEA

Tonia Edwards

VP of Delivery, AMER

Chris Grimshaw

VP, Delivery EMEA

Dennis Picht

VP, Alliances

Priya Bhalla

Director of Alliances

Greg Bohlen

VP, Consulting/Change Enablement

Vincent Oliver

Global VP of Customer Success

Carley Donovan

Senior Director, Practices, AMER

Chris Horne

VP, Sales Strat & Emerging Markets

Terence Hamilton

VP Sales, Continental Europe

Robert Hardin

Regional VP, Customer Solutions

Maciej Król

VP, Salesforce Engineering

Agnieszka Bak

Director, Finance & Administration

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