loyalty management

Looking for Redemption – Salesforce Loyalty Management

Written by Anthony Harrison, Industries Practice Director at PolSource As markets mature, they all go through a series of steps. The first movers or disruptors have something new, something unique that differentiates them from an existing market. If they move quickly enough they can achieve a dominant share of that market that may take months…
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marketing to achieve retail utopia

Marketing to Achieve Retail Utopia

Written by Lauren Noonan, Senior Director, Global Marketing Cloud Practice Lead at PolSource Imagine a world where your consumers email inbox consisted of only emails that they were actually interested in? Or where you are able to identify the same consumer across marketing, commerce and service channels in real-time? Imagine being able to truly predict…
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acquisition of polsource

EPAM Expands Salesforce Capabilities with Acquisition of PolSource

Acquisition enables EPAM to build integrated consulting and engineering teams around a larger global footprint—transforming businesses, using Salesforce, for faster time-to-market. What’s the News? EPAM acquires PolSource, an expert Salesforce Consulting Partner with more than 350 experienced Salesforce specialists across the Americas and Europe. Why it’s Important? With increasing demand for Salesforce-driven digital transformation, customers…
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Advanced Maintenance Recurrence banner

Advanced Maintenance Recurrence is a Field Service Game Changer

Written by Amit Rotstein, FSM Practice Lead (AMER) at PolSource I am a bit of a nerd, and I get excited about the new features in Salesforce releases. As you know, Salesforce provides a new release every 4 months, the latest being the Spring ‘21 that came out on March 9th. With each release I…
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future of service banner

The Future of Service is More Human

Written by Dave McCall, Senior Director, Service Cloud Practice at PolSource It feels like just a few years ago much of the customer service industry was talking about a future of service ideal scenario that was fully automated. While that might have been interesting from a cost-control perspective, many of us rankled at the thought…
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EPAM Announces Agreement to Acquire PolSource

NEWTOWN, PA., March. 1, 2021 – EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and development services, today announced its agreement to acquire PolSource—a Salesforce Platinum Partner with more than 350 experienced Salesforce specialists—to scale EPAM’s growing Salesforce capabilities and expansion into new markets. The proposed acquisition is expected to…
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einstein for service

How Einstein for Service Unlocks Service Value

Written by Dave McCall, Service Practice Senior Director at PolSource Einstein for Service unlocks a variety of improvements for service organizations. If you have a mature service organization, this functionality can be used to provide a whole new set of benefits. For years, Salesforce has been releasing a variety of Einstein options. With Einstein for…
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PolSource UX design process

How PolSource Does User Experience Design

Written by Monika Jasińska, UX/UI Specialist at PolSource Great user experiences don’t just happen. At PolSource, we recommend including user experience design in most implementations–in order to provide exceptional experiences for your end customers, your salespeople, your agents, your marketing staff, and your operations team. We employ a group of User Experience (UX) designers who…
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UX design

Why You Can’t Afford to Skip User Experience Design

Written by Adam Landau, Senior UX Designer at PolSource Everyone wants great user experiences but intentional user experience design is a regular casualty of project cost cutting.  While Salesforce and other software vendors invest in the user experience, their investment is intended to produce a system that meets a variety of needs. The vendor’s user…
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smart assets vax

PolSource and PSignite extend Salesforce Vaccine Cloud with Smart Assets VAX solution

PolSource among select group of Salesforce partners extending the power of new Salesforce Vaccine Cloud PolSource and ISV partner PSignite to deliver “Smart Assets VAX” for cold storage monitoring, a solution for Salesforce Vaccine Cloud which ensures vaccines are stable, traceable and not delayed from manufacturer to patient Krakow, Poland – February 2, 2021 –…
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