Jamie Nelson: Woman Veteran Leader

Jamie Nelson: Woman Veteran Leader

woman veteran leader

Meet Jamie Nelson – woman veteran leader, non-profit advocate, and PolSource team member. This impressive lady was recently chosen to be part of the 70-person inaugural participants of the Women Veterans Leadership Program through The Mission Continues. This prestigious (all expenses paid) 5 month program is highly selective, focusing on women veterans who have strong records of Team Work, Commitment to Service, and Learning and Leadership Growth – all skills that Jamie has demonstrated in her military service, non-profit engagement, and her work here at PolSource. We sat down with Jamie to learn firsthand about this exciting honor.

Q: Jamie, first off, congratulations! What does being selected for this program mean to you?

A: It means quite a bit, recognition for past leadership work while being provided the opportunity to develop more leadership skills. It recognizes both my time in service, non-profit work and what I’ve done so far in my career.

Q: What were the requirements to apply for the program?

A: They were looking for women veterans who were looking to grow leadership skills to serve in the non-military community. The first step was an application that covered the basics similar to your resume, the second step was to answer three questions (how will this support your plans, what motivates you to continue to serve and when have you worked well in a team), the final step was an interview with one of the advisors of the program.

Q: What are you most looking forward to as part of your sessions?

A:   In looking at the full curriculum quite a bit! Getting to know other female veterans and increasing my network, working on how to present information better, and the self evaluation to identify areas to work on along with recognition of what I do well. I like that they include sections on self care, which all of us need to do to balance our lives.

Q: How do you think you’ll utilize what you learn here at PolSource?

A: Becoming a better storyteller to talk about processes we can improve with others and those we are already excelling at to encourage people to join us at PolSource. How to better manage and grow my own employees while using that insight to grow our people management skills program overall.

Q: Final question – how does it feel to be a woman veteran leader, a.k.a. a lady Trailblazer?

A: A little overwhelming at times! I want to contribute as much as I can to both my work and my personal life. I am so excited to be given this opportunity and develop better skills that I can apply in both.

We’re proud to call Jamie one of our own. Do you want to teaam with amazing co-workers like her? Check out these career opportunities at PolSource.

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