How to Survive Work from Home Life with Family

How to Survive Work from Home Life with Family

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The pandemic has made the work from home scenario a reality for millions of people. While some folks are slowly returning to an office, many of us continue to (and will continue to) lead our careers from our personal residences. This can offer lots of advantages, such as saving money on gas or the need to wear pants, but it does come with a set of challenges as well. Often those challenges call us Mommy, Daddy or Honey Bun.

We asked the EPAM PolSource team for their tips on how to deal with the other members of the household in order to get work done, and maintain sanity. Here’s what they had to say:

Early Birds Catch Worms – and Quiet Time
As painful as leaving your warm, cozy bed can be… the wee hours before the rest of the house awakes can be the opportune time to get in some uninterrupted work from home. Hopefully working remotely allows you schedule flexibility, so the “when” you work is less important than simply getting the work done. Not only will you have less interruptions from your household, but most likely less PMs to answer as well.

Set Ground Rules
If no one is bleeding or suffering from a panic attack, they should not be interrupting you during your acknowledged business hours. This can be hard to enforce, but the more adamant you are about sticking to it, the less likely the rule is to be broken. Try coming up with a signal, such as red vs green doorhangers, to let people know if they are cleared to come in or not. A good set of noise-cancelling headphones helps too.

Always Be Prepared
The scouts have it right folks, if you are prepared for your remote work day, it will make it run more smoothly. Pack your kids’ lunch the night before – even if they are eating at home – so the kitchen stays closed, and you’re not stuck catering to daily whims. Any prepping tasks you can do before the work day starts will help you actually get your work done.

Fill Their Dance Cards
Plot out a white board with activities and chores to keep your bees busy, and refer to the board when the boredom complaints come rolling in. You can always offer rewards to those who complete their white board goals as incentive!

P.S. This can apply to anyone in your household – kids or significant others. Diamonds might be shiny, but the honey-do-list is a remote worker’s best friend.

Return to Nature
Kids and adults alike enjoy a change of scenery. If it’s a nice day, take your laptop outside while the kids run around the yard. The fresh air is good for everyone, and you’ll all get a break from being cooped up in the house. If you can’t get outside, switch up which room in your home you set up shop…after all, the couch is much cozier than an office chair.

Set Aside Some “Me Time”
Whether you’re getting up with the chickens or scheduling an actual lunch break – make sure you take some time each day to focus on yourself. Meditate, do a quick yoga session, take a walk, work on a puzzle, or shut yourself in the closet for a quick nap on the laundry basket. Whatever helps you center yourself and relieve stress! We tend to focus on taking care of others, but we must also remember to take care of ourselves.

We hope you found these tips from our work from home pros helpful. If all else fails, you can always put a padlock on your basement door, or we can recommend a good wine delivery service!