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General Information

What does the Flexible Internship Program means?

This is not yet another unpaid internship that engages you in copying documents, getting coffee for your manager, or sitting and doing nothing. We want you to learn new things and, as a result, offer you development opportunities within PolSource. Thanks to our individual training approach, the Internship takes place every month - not only during summer break.


How does it work?

The PolSource Flexible Internship program is intended to let you start your career in IT with a focus on the Salesforce ecosystem that we work with. The program is dedicated to recent graduates and those who already have first work experience and want to start their professional careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to work on a real company project, and to discover which skills you need to develop through constructive feedback.

We are aware that as a student you have a packed calendar, and might not be available for full-time work. Our internship plan allows you to attend all of your classes at University, and still learn as much as possible about the latest technologies and the Salesforce.com platform, with flexible internship hours that depend on your availability (minimum 32 hours per week).

You can choose from the following technology paths: Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Salesforce.com Administrator, Salesforce Tester, Data Migration, Full-stack Developer and Marketing Cloud Developer. All the paths are strictly aligned with the Salesforce Platform, as the majority of our projects are developed based on the platform. Never heard of the Salesforce.com platform before? Don’t worry – we will take care of proper knowledge transfer to get you up to speed.

The internship requires participants to complete three stages of the program. From the very beginning we will assign you a mentor who will guide you through the end of the program and provide you with regular feedback.

Stage 1
During this stage, you will receive access to dedicated training materials on the Salesforce e-learning platform and will perform tasks related to the basic knowledge of Salesforce.com. This phase of the internship is focused more on acquiring technology knowledge than programming skills, but it definitely prepares you for the next steps of the internship journey. After this stage you will be able to:
• Know what exactly Salesforce platform is
• Navigate and do configuration on the platform
• Create simple apps

Stage 2
In the second month of the internship, you will focus on deep platform configuration, programming, testing aspects (SF tester path) and directional training on backend and frontend technologies, both in theoretical and practical areas. After successfully completing the second stage of the program, you will know:
• Complex Salesforce configuration
• Basics of APEX programming language (backend)
• Basics Lightning Web Components, Lightning Aura frameworks (frontend)
• Major mechanisms (Triggers, Batch Jobs, Web Services, Workflows, Approval Processes etc)
• Best practices (backend, frontend, testing)

Stage 3
During this phase of the internship, you will be involved in one of the company's projects. That is the time to integrate and apply technical knowledge gained within the internship, and an opportunity to obtain practical experience.

At the end of each month of the program, there is a “checkpoint”, an evaluation meeting during which you go through the tasks that you have been working on over the past month. You will receive guidance and feedback on your progress and further development from a mentor dedicated to you. By participating in the PolSource Flexible internship program, you not only benefit from earning a competitive salary, but you also gain technology courses, mentor’s guidance, and an opportunity to learn what the profession of a Salesforce Developer looks like.

Want to develop your career by working with the biggest and best brands in the world? Join PolSource and take part in real business challenges, get to know the ins and outs of the company, and decide whether the work environment we offer is a good fit for you!

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