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Why polsource?


Career growth guaranteed

PolSource prides itself not only on prestige customers and attractive projects, but also on the talent of its people. By working with us you have the chance to become part of a highly experienced and qualified team. Thanks to our knowledge sharing culture, you will be able to learn from the best.

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Perks & Benefits

In addition to an attractive salary, we also offer a number of additional benefits. See what perks you can get by working with us.

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Organizational culture

We know that a job doesn’t just depend on pure work, but on the environment, too. That is why we’ve tried to create a place where we help each other and are eager to share knowledge and experience with others. We are committed to helping you reach your full potential as well.

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Wordlwide presence

Our projects are conducted globally, which means that each of them is assigned specialists with appropriate competence from various locations. Working on projects for foreign clients, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences with the top industry experts from around the world.



Job possibilities for everyone

Join a workplace where you will be able to grow your career! We give you the incredible opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry. We employ graduates, as well as ambitious students! Our offer is open to all, regardless of your experience.

Recruitment process

Your application-icon

1. Your application

Let us see you! Send your application and we will review what you’ve got to offer. We require only the usual stuff. Resume with a phone number (worst thing is a great CV with no contact details!!) some code examples (if you code, if you’re not that type of candidate just ignore it. We know it’s not for everyone) and that’s it. Well maybe just the data consent. Yes, it’s a real thing now.

Technical interview-icon

2. Technical interview

Shortlisted candidates go through case study and interview process but that shouldn’t be too long. Maximum 2-3 steps in our office or remotely. Your time is also important to us, so we won’t be adding unnecessary steps to the process.


3. Decision

If you’re successful you will get an offer and become a new member of the PolSource Team. Well that’s the ideal plan, but it’s as simple as that.

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4. Welcome aboard!

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Employees testimonials

Krzysztof Pintscher-image

“When I joined PolSource a couple of years ago, I was a bit sceptical. My previous company had a bigger, nicer office, which was impressive. But PolSource had a few advantages too: technologies which were used on a daily basis, potential, and a magical atmosphere. We felt like we were home, part of a family. We weren't just another brick in the wall - everyone had different skills and different character - and we all looked after each other. Fast forward a few years later, we have more people and modern offices - but one thing has never changed: the atmosphere. We continue to look after our teammates, learn together and push boundaries together. I'm not saying that working for PolSource is easy - but is there any point in working without goals and challenges? In my opinion no - and that's the reason we're still growing - not just as a company, but as individuals.”

Krzysztof Pintscher

Front End Developer

Job offers

Job offers