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Written by Fiona Steele and Rebecca Davis, Salesforce Consultants (EMEA) at PolSource

The majority of us at PolSource in the US & UK are used to working remotely, but we do miss visiting our customers. We know, in turn, that our customers are starting to miss the office. Work from home has limitations – whether it’s the pragmatic lack of equipment, ‘water-cooler’ knowledge-sharing, or simple face-to-face contact. With lock-downs easing, Salesforce has understood that companies will want to open up office spaces whilst ensuring the right safety and well-being measures are in place.

The return to the office is not without logistical hurdles. Lock-down statuses are tentative with speculation around the impact of the winter season, as well as local flare-ups. Some employees may be able to return to work, while others may not. Office capacity and spaces may need to be reconfigured to allow for social distancing, and office access may need to be more tightly managed to ensure well laid capacity plans don’t go to waste.

Salesforce has presciently delivered a package to address these hurdles in the form of Targeted at enterprise office spaces with HR leaders in mind, PolSource has been able to get an early look at how it works in practice. The foundation of the package is the Command Centre, a dynamic dashboard with statuses for each office space; a status summary of key reopening tasks, and integrated global Covid-19 tracking data from Tableau. Shift Management can be added to the command centre, allowing managers to allocate resources to office facilities. The tool automatically capacity plans based on building and even arrival-area capacity, creating staggered shift times for employees to attend the office if needed. A Wellness Check survey neatly ties these two elements together; where employees aren’t able to come back to the office, they won’t be available for shift allocation. Finally, there is an option to use the myTrailhead platform as a learning platform so that employees understand new ways of working and related company policies.

As a package, provides the tools needed to monitor the Covid-19 landscape, and to tactically adapt return to work approaches across office territories as required. After an enforced spell of remote working, office workers have a more acute appreciation of the value of in-person working and communication. offers them the chance to get back to the office safely and earlier.

So, if your organization is dealing with challenges around,

  • Keeping a pulse on your employees’ general health & attitudes about returning to the office
  • Easily scheduling and coordinating employee presence in the office
  • Effectively driving awareness around changes in company policy and expectations around new ways of working

…then may be a promising solution worth looking into.

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