Frisco Women in Tech 2019 Dreamforce Global Gathering

Frisco Women in Tech 2019 Dreamforce Global Gathering

Frisco Women in Tech

On January 15th, 2020, the Salesforce Frisco WIT Community Group held a Dreamforce 2019 Global Gathering, led by PolSource’s own Christina Moren (Customer Success Manager). Amongst goodies, refreshments, and a Fleetwood Mac playlist, the ladies reviewed highlights of Dreamforce 2019 – networking and sharing their favorite keynotes from the conference.

One hot topic discussed was the new Customer 360 Data Manager, and how it provides a unified view of the customer. The group also shared information about creating new accounts, which allow them to have a single identity to log in and interact with multiple Salesforce-related sites. They learned that with the accounts they can log into Trailhead, Trailblazer Community, IdeaExchange, and more. It was exciting to find that their profile and settings information for all of their Salesforce-related accounts could now be utilized from one easy-to-access location.

A global gathering event would not be complete without swag, which Salesforce was happy to provide for the group, including Dreamforce Global Gathering Badges and special prizes for Dreamforce trivia contest winners. The affair closed out with a Salesforce-fueled competition, where the women were challenged to complete the MuleSoft Basics Badge. Tracy Dye was first to finish, winning a coveted new Trailblazer Hoodie for her prize. Congratulations Tracy!

Stay tuned for more adventures of the Salesforce Frisco WIT Community Group.