Dynamic Quote Fields in QLE

Dynamic Quote Fields in QLE


Written by Ty Fribbs, Director, CPQ & Billing Practice, AMER at PolSource

Sales Reps appreciate an efficient CPQ implementation that allows them to quickly capture the information needed to quote and close a deal. Too often, they are presented information that is not relevant to them or the deal and causes unnecessary clutter and confusion. 

Up until Winter ‘21, Admins could only configure one set of fields from a Quote to be displayed to Sales Reps within the Quote Line Editor. The QLE is a critical point at which Reps put the finishing touches on their configurations with pricing and showing the fields that don’t apply to them can be frustrating.

With Winter ‘21, Admins can dynamically control which fields are displayed from the Quote to a User in the Quote Line Editor using the familiar capability of Field Sets. Admins have the option of configuring automation to determine the appropriate set of fields to display, or allowing the Sales Reps to choose for themselves — Sales Reps will only see the information relevant to them from a Quote within the Quote Line Editor!

Check out this Salesforce Knowledge Article to learn more.

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