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DevOps TrueNorth

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT Operations. Its aim is to shorten the software development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high quality.

A typical Salesforce project will have a mixture of configuration and code. While we recommend that the majority of metadata changes (70-80%) be to configuration, it’s the code elements that can require most of the effort, and bring most of the risk. Poor coding practices can cause the whole project to fail, sometimes spectacularly, if not managed properly. Unfortunately, many companies today are still using an old school approach to development, layered with repetitive testing across multiple testing environments, and riddled with technical hiccups and inefficiencies.

An ideal DevOps process greatly reduces project failures caused by code gone awry – using tools like static code analysis. End to end code analysis improves the quality and security of your Salesforce org. It also allows you to track and control quality, save time on code reviews, and increase productivity. And as we all adjust to the new normal, it is more critical than ever to ensure you have the ability to change your org quickly with minimal risk as you reopen, stabilize, and grow your business.

That’s why PolSource has partnered with CodeScan and Copado to create a DevOps TrueNorth package. It’s a complete Salesforce DevOps health check to evaluate a company’s development practices and compare them to industry best practices. DevOps TrueNorth is guided by PolSource, and powered by Copado’s DevOps platform and CodeScan’s Static Code Analysis Technology. CodeScan was created in the cloud specifically for Salesforce, and comes with an OOTB ruleset. Copado, built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform, enables faster, error-free releases by enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery.

The DevOps TrueNorth solution will help your company:

– Reduce technical debt
– Implement DevOps processes to enforce code quality gates
– Ensure quality when working with multiple consulting partners or outsourced teams
– Empower developers to write high quality code
– Increase visibility into changes and improve the code review process

We’re passionate about perfecting the DevOps process, and happy to share best practices and ideas with you on how to get the most value out of your development teams. Join PolSource, CodeScan and Copado for a joint webinar on July 15th at 11 AM CT. As you navigate the path to DevOps for your team, it’s easy to get disoriented. Rely on the combined expertise of these three leading Salesforce partners to help you continually find TrueNorth.


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