Consumer Goods Cloud is Here

Consumer Goods Cloud is Here

Consumer Goods Cloud

The future of retail execution is about to change – thanks to the launch of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. As a proud launch partner, PolSource had the opportunity to be at the announcement of this exciting new platform at the first ever CPG Basecamp, held in Chicago on October 17th. The Consumer Goods Cloud unites intelligent & integrated planning and execution on one unified platform, and the results are impressive to say the least.

Where did the need for this platform come from? After all, we’ve been living in a material world for a long time, just ask Madonna. However, now more than ever, retailers must take into account the democratization of choice their customers own. Consumers have multiple avenues to purchase, from signing up for text message updates to visiting a good ol’ brick and mortar store. And with these many paths-to-purchase options come great expectations. In fact, according to the basecamp keynote, 62% of consumers expect engagement based on their actions and behavior, and 54% think companies must transform how they engage. Hello market complexity.

The days of strictly B2B and B2C routing are gone, those once-separate paths now converging with increasing market complexity. To accommodate the merging markets, CPG companies must look at their full value chain, and focus on two key factors: relevance and agility. B2C must connect the consumer experience by driving consumer engagement, elevating consumer care and unifying B2C commerce. B2B must integrate the route to market by managing key accounts, optimizing retail execution and transforming B2B commerce. Basically, the game just got a lot tougher.

So what’s the win-win-win scenario? The perfect store.

The perfect store requires perfect execution. It has a whole lot of “right” going on… the right stock, the right place, the right promo, the right store, the right display and the right time. The question is, how can a company manage to get it all right? Introducing Retail Execution with Consumer Goods Cloud. This smart selling platform includes a visit planning and optimization feature, it allows the retailer to deliver the perfect shelf, faster, and it offers real-time order capture.

Visit planning and optimization allows you to manage sales territories at scale, to visit the right stores at the right time, and to increase selling time with optimal routing. Consumer Goods Cloud helps you deliver the perfect shelf, faster, by accelerating productivity with insights and task assignments, increasing merchandising and planogram compliance with AI, and ensuring top-selling items are always in stock. The real-time order capture will grow share of shelf, drive sell-in and sell-through with promotions, and capture every insight onsite. Boom.

We all know that Salesforce is the proven platform for industry innovation – and Consumer Goods Cloud is no exception. You get a customer 360 for Consumer Goods, a single platform to connect your business, and you reduce complexity with API-led integration. In short, Consumer Goods Cloud connects your value chain. By minimizing barriers to delivery, embedding intelligence everywhere, and gaining B2B2C on one platform – you gain the relevance and agility for disruptive innovation.

PolSource, a Salesforce platinum partner as well as a Consumer Goods Cloud launch partner, is proud to be implementing major brands that are adopting to lead the market. We partner with CPGToolBox to drive Trade Promotion Management and Optimization on Salesforce. You can learn more about our partnership and customer success at an exclusive speaking event at the PolSource Cabana at this year’s Dreamforce. Mattel Success Story: The Power of Play, Trade Promotions, and Salesforce Partners, will be co-presented by CPGToolBox, PolSource, Mattel & Salesforce on Tuesday, November 19th at 1 PM. Click here to join us!The new Consumer Cloud is sure to perfect the perfect store. But don’t just take our word for it – check it out for yourself at