flex solution

Flex solution bridges the gap to successful project delivery

The COVID-19 health crisis has affected every part of our daily lives, and business is no exception. Companies find themselves relying on remote means to conduct all aspects of their business – many for the first time. If you’re trying to conduct a Salesforce implementation, it can be an especially stressful transition, one that leaves…
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10 Keys to Success – Unlock the true value of the Salesforce Platform

Watch the 10 Keys to Success Video It’s an alarming fact that the majority of CRM implementations do not deliver the expected business benefits.  In a recent Forbes article it was reported that, whilst 70% of CEOs believe they have made the right technology investments, only 10% are properly realizing their true value. The problem…
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A Letter to Our Customers

Many customers are asking us what the impact of the current COVID-19 health crisis will have on our teams’ ability to deliver their critical projects on time, and what we can do to help them quickly adapt to new or rapidly revised business models and working practices.   We are also seeing a rise in customer demand…
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remote team blog

Top 5 Tips for Successful Remote Teams

The impact of the Coronavirus has affected our everyday lives in many ways – including the way we conduct business. While this can be a challenge for many companies, PolSource has run a global organization with strong remote working models for years, and with that experience we’ve come to learn some best practices for working…
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Deployments of SFDC and SFDX Unlocked Packages

Written by Stefan Abramiuk, Technical Architect at PolSource In January 2019, Salesforce released a functionality called Unlocked Packages. This is another functionality extending the possibilities of SFDX CLI (Command Line Interface), and its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of metadata between environments. Will it revolutionize the way applications are implemented in Salesforce environments? Let’s…
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good programmer

From journeyman to master. How not to become an expert beginner programmer.

Written by Marcin Sztandarski, Technical Architect at PolSource Graduates of engineering studies. A couple of days before writing this article I was asked by one of the managers I knew to take part in a survey of a certain university of technology. The survey actually boiled down to the question of what skills engineering graduates…
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woman veteran leader

Jamie Nelson: Woman Veteran Leader

Meet Jamie Nelson – woman veteran leader, non-profit advocate, and PolSource team member. This impressive lady was recently chosen to be part of the 70-person inaugural participants of the Women Veterans Leadership Program through The Mission Continues. This prestigious (all expenses paid) 5 month program is highly selective, focusing on women veterans who have strong…
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Frisco Women in Tech

Frisco Women in Tech 2019 Dreamforce Global Gathering

On January 15th, 2020, the Salesforce Frisco WIT Community Group held a Dreamforce 2019 Global Gathering, led by PolSource’s own Christina Moren (Customer Success Manager). Amongst goodies, refreshments, and a Fleetwood Mac playlist, the ladies reviewed highlights of Dreamforce 2019 – networking and sharing their favorite keynotes from the conference. One hot topic discussed was…
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ETL or ESB – which tool should you choose for your next migration?

Historically, there have always been use cases where we need to transport data from one system to another or multiple other systems. The data being loaded usually also has to be transformed and transported over various protocols. Sometimes we may need real-time integration, while in other cases, we need to do heavy data transformations and…
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Top 10 Reasons to work at PolSource

Top 10 Reasons to Work at PolSource

1: Join a fast growth company: 95% CAGR over the last three years, and we’re not slowing down 2: Backed by Salesforce: Platinum partner and 2019 Salesforce Ventures funding recipient 3: Work with Epic brands: Projects for the best-in-class global companies, so get your passport ready 4: Learn from Salesforce experts: Work with industry leaders,…
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